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The Study on Hydraulics Characteristics of Tetrahedron-Like Penetrating Frame Dam

Author(s): Hongwei Kuang, Jingtao Zheng, Bo Jiang, Fang Yenn Teo

Linked Author(s): Fang Yenn Teo

Keywords: Tetrahedron-like penetrating frame dam, waterway, ecological benefit, speed reduction and deposition promotion


The tetrahedron-like penetrating frame dam is built up by the tetrahedron-like penetrating frames. Experiments on flow structures around both permeable and non-permeable dams were carried out in a flume. Through the tests of fixed bed, flow structure around the tetrahedron-like penetrating frame dam was measured. Comparison of that with the solid dam, it is realized that the tetrahedron-like penetrating frame dam could not only reduce flow velocity and promote sand deposition, but also have some ecological benefit. The new structure may provide the support of inland waterway regulation project. (2616, 90, 337)


Year: 2017

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