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Scour of Sand Beds by Long and Short Impinging Jets- Similarities and Differences

Author(s): Mahmud Amin; Nallamuthu Rajaratnam; David Zhu

Linked Author(s): Mahmud Amin, David Z. Zhu

Keywords: Sand bed scour; Circular jet; Cohesionless soil; Jet impingement


A good number of studies were conducted previously on the scour of sand beds by vertically impinging circular jets, since it represents many practical scour phenomena. However, these studies were based on mostly long impinging jets, where the impinging height h is longer than 8.3 times the jet diameter d. However, in many practical applications, a short impinging jet with h < 5.5d is desired, so that the average velocity of the jet at the impingement region is higher and more uniform. This study focuses on the differences and similarities of long and short impinging jet scour, based on laboratory experiments and previous studies. Preliminary results suggest that the scour mechanism, development of scour hole, and profile of the dimensionless shape are different.


Year: 2022

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