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Grey, Green, and Blue Infrastructure Embedded Within Existing Water Grid in Urban Area in France

Author(s): Jelena Batica; Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Keywords: Natural; Disaster; Flood; Risk; Resilience

Abstract: A potential of urban areas nowadays is much more threatened by hydrological events then this was the case before. Even more we are trying to adapt due to increased hydrometeorological risks. Combining existing natural potential of the areas with structures and solutions that already exists, considering social context of the area we are creating more sustainable living conditions and reducing the climate related risks. Green and blue infrastructure in urban areas is forming rather new concept along with grey infrastructure in managing urban hydrometeorological risks. Solutions base on nature or Natural Based Solutions (NBS) are one of the essential components in achieving goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. Here we are highlighting one of their main components a reduction of hydro-meteorological risks in urban areas. This paper presents application of NBS on two coastal communities in France, along with implementation of the green, blue, and grey infrastructures to create flood friendly areas, ensuring people livelihoods in face of threats of hydro-meteorological risks and incorporate the solution into existing water grid. As a part of H2020 project RECONECT ( the two case study areas established monitoring for the different NBS indicators related to: water, people, and nature. The two communities - (i) Nice Eco-Vallée and (ii) Les Boucholeurs - are coastal areas located in Mediterranean and in West Atlantic coast that have a different approach in NBS implementation and by that they represent two NBS systems that are providing sustainable living conditions.


Year: 2022

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