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Application of Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) for Wastewater Vortex Drop Shaft Design

Author(s): Diego Norberto Bottelli; Pablo S. Chiesa

Linked Author(s): Diego Norberto Bottelli

Keywords: SPH; Vortex; Wastewater; Design

Abstract: The application of Computational Methods for the resolution of Navier Stokes equations in Water and Wastewater Companies has increased in recent years. More commonly, CFD models based on Finite Volume Methods are applied. Nonetheless, SPH models are attractive too due to their conceptual simplicity associated with free-mesh models. This paper describes the practical application of a 3D SPH model (DualSPHysics) to the preliminary hydraulic design of a sewage vortex drop structure included in the “Sistema Riachuelo” project; a wastewater system currently (2022) in construction in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In order to verify that the SPH model could properly resolve the hydraulics in the case study, the model was first applied to another but similar structure for which the physical model and CFD results were available. By comparing both results, it is concluded that the application of a SPH model is adequate at least to the preliminary design of a hydraulic vortex drop.


Year: 2022

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