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Variability of Shape and Extent of a Sediment Plume in a Two-Way Coupled LES Model Using an Euler-Lagrange Approach

Author(s): Daniel Wildt; Christoph Hauer; Helmut Habersack; Michael Tritthart

Linked Author(s): Daniel Wildt, Christoph Hauer, Helmut Habersack, Michael Tritthart

Keywords: Computational fluid dynamics; Large-eddy simulation; Lagrangian particle tracking; Sediment river

Abstract: Large-eddy simulations of a sediment plume in turbulent channel flow differing in arbitrary fluctuations in the initial fluid velocity field are discussed. Results show dependence of the development of the sediment plume based on these turbulent velocity fluctuations. Differences between maximum and minimum streamwise extents of the sediment plume can amount up to 50% of the length of the sediment plume. Extreme cases selected based on maximum and minimum extents of the sediment plume are compared. Shape and extents are related to instantaneous fluid velocities in the area of the sediment plume, visualized using quadrant analysis.


Year: 2022

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