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Risk Assessment, Hydraulic Modeling and Multi Criteria Analysis, for a Railway Line Crossing a Flood-Prone Area in South Italy

Author(s): Matteo Ventura; Fabrizio Cabas; Chiara Cesali

Linked Author(s): Matteo Ventura, Fabrizio Cabas

Keywords: River flooding; Risk assessment; 2D-models; Multi-criteria analysis; Hydraulic structures

Abstract: This article describes a case-study in which, following the estimation of the actual risk of flooding, the most effective structural and non-structural mitigation interventions for a railway line located in a potential river flood zone in Southern Italy, have been investigated. Starting from the available hydrological and hydrometric data, historical information and digital ground models (LIDAR), a hydrological analysis and a 2-dimensional modeling has been performed, for different recurrence intervals. The results of the 2-dimensional flow runoff simulations show that, for an extreme event scenario (300 years ARI), the railway line is involved in the flooding and partially overtopped. A series of criteria and constraints have been identified and listed dealing with local authorities, infrastructure owners and managers, assigning a weight score for each of the considered aspects. A range of different solutions has been then considered and investigated applying a multi-criteria analysis method. To investigate the effects of each considered solution in term of flood areas extent and water depth, the 2-dimensional model has been implemented for different post-construction scenarios. The most suitable intervention, that maximized the chosen criteria, has been identified and detailed in term of geotechnical, structural and alignment features. A combined solution of a flood-wall and a continuous series of box culverts forming a water-transparent structure, resulted to be the best intervention with the given criteria and boundary conditions.

DOI: doi:10.3850/IAHR-39WC252171192022145

Year: 2022

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