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Development of scientific approaches for environment flows assessment in Ukraine

Author(s): Viacheslav Manukalo; Valentyn Khilchevskyi

Linked Author(s): Viacheslav Manukalo

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Abstract: The intensive use of surface waters of Ukrainian rivers necessitated providing limits of water abstraction from water objects, which should guarantee of their environmental functions. The quantitative determination of environmental flow is the extremely important task and are currently the subject of vigorous scientific, social and, event, political debates. Results of studies of Ukrainian scientists in the field of developing methods of environmental flow assessment with emphasis on the current state of affairs in this matter, as well as to indicate practical issues which to be solved in the coming years, are presented. The study is carried out on the basis of analysis of scientific publications of Ukrainian scientists for the last 40-45 years. Researches of the environmental flow assessment have started in Ukraine from the 1970s. The hydrological assessment methods were based on estimation of natural flow regime as a key indicator of ecological status of water objects. The terms 'sanitary flow' (for sanitary needs) or 'ecological flow' (for fishery needs) were used as a close synonym of the term 'environmental flow'. In the absence of detailed data about the ecological status of rivers, this approach allowed to determine the so-called "ecological thresholds", i.e., environmentally sound water abstraction from rivers. A new stage in the study of environmental flow began in the 1990s. The hydraulic-habitat methods and then holistic methodologies have been started to develop. Besides the hydrological and hydraulic data the ecological data have been used: ecological estimation of riparian zone, hydromorphological estimation, inventory of habitats, hydrobiological data. The practical application of environmental flow assessment methods requires the adoption of relevant legislation as well as the improvement of water quantity and quality monitoring system formed in 1960-1970. To meet these objectives, during 2016 - 2018 the Ukrainian Parliament and Government issued legal acts aimed to develop the water monitoring system according to the European Union recommendations. Measures to be taken different agencies participating in monitoring system, to meet these acts, are considered.


Year: 2022

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