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IHA analyzes and environmental flow in the upper Paraná fluvial macrosystem (PR-MS-Brazil)

Author(s): José A. Arenas

Linked Author(s): José Antonio Arenas Ibarra

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Abstract: The conservation of rivers in the Anthropocene is one of the significant scientific challenges of our era. The environmental degradation processes of these systems have critically compromised their functioning and biodiversity. The alteration of the natural hydrological regime due to damming is one of the principal causes that exacerbate the loss of integrity of rivers. The hydrological alteration of the fluvial macrosystem of the Upper Paraná River (PR-Brazil) was evaluated using the IHA program, analyzing 33 hydrological variables and quantifying their variation through the variability range approach (RVA), comparing 1964-1998, pre- damming, and 1999-2019, post-damming periods. Likewise, the environmental flow components (EFC) were evaluated in terms of low flows, extremely low flows, high flow pulses, and their variation summarized in 34 variables.


Year: 2022

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