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Experimental Study of Turbulent Flow in a Vertical Double Slot Fishway: Influence of Flow Discharge and Slope

Author(s): Anne-Fleur Lejeune; Damien Calluaud; Gerard Pineau; Laurent David; Pierre Sagnes; Sylvain Richard

Linked Author(s): Gérard PINEAU, Damien Calluaud, Laurent David

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Abstract: The Vertical Double Slot Fishway (VDSF), has not been the subject of many studies and is looked into here. This paper presents an experimental study of the influence of slope and flow discharge on the turbulent flow occurring inside the pools of a VDSF. The rise of the flowrate and the decrease of the slope both involve an increase in water depth inside the pool. As for the velocity magnitude and the turbulent kinetic energy, while the variation of the flowrate does not seem to impact significatively the values at mid-water depth, it is not the case with change of slope. As the slope gets steeper, so does the velocity and the turbulent kinetic energy throughout the pool.


Year: 2022

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