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Investigation on the Underwater Noise from Ships in the Upper Yangtze River

Author(s): Hongbo Du; Zonglin Lei; Yu Wan; Wenjie Li

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Keywords: Upper Yangtze River; Underwater radiation noise from ships; Sound source characteristics of ships

Abstract: Due to the implementation of many regulation projects in the upper Yangtze River, the vessel transit capacity has been improved visibly. An increasing trend of ships tonnage results in increases of the traffic flow and underwater noise density in the upper Yangtze River, which subsequently have significant influence on the habitat of many aquatic animals, especially for the endemic fish in this region. Thus, it is crucial to accurately assess the ship underwater noise conditions for the ecological protection in the upper Yangtze River. In this study, the underwater noise from different types of ships under the normal operating conditions in the Chaotianmen-Fuling section has been monitored using the underwater noise tracking and monitoring system. Results indicate that the frequency of underwater radiation noise from ships is concentrated in the range of 200Hz~1300Hz, and the sound pressure level (SPL) is distributed in the range of 148.50dB~172.86dB, and the energy of underwater noise from ships is concentrated on the low frequency part. The SPL of underwater noise from ships in the upper Yangtze River is positively correlated with the ship tonnage, while the ship speed has a slight influence on the SPL of underwater noise. The research results can provide theoretical support for the subsequent research on the underwater noise distribution in such waterways as well as the ecological route selection.


Year: 2022

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