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Turbulent Eddies as Potential Migration Obstacles in Fishway Constructions

Author(s): Marcio Roth; Jurgen Stamm

Linked Author(s): Jürgen Stamm

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Abstract: Fishways are an important link for restoring river continuity, interrupted by transverse structures, such as weirs, dams and hydropower plants. The Meander Fishway and Vertical Slot Fishway are two common types of construction in Germany that create distinctive flow regimes to allow upstream passage. Nevertheless, minor environmental or structural alterations lead to unforeseen flow regimes, whose impact on fish are still uncertain. An approach that is rarely used due to its complexity is to obtain different flow aspects for fish by evaluating numerous parameters with the IPOS-framework in laboratory and field experiments stated by Lacey et. al. (2012).


Year: 2022

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