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Experimental Study on Turbulent Characteristics of Flow Around a T-Shaped Spur Dike in Bend

Author(s): Liyuan Zhang; Faxing Zhang

Linked Author(s): Faxing Zhang

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Abstract: While protecting the river bank from erosion, spur dike will also cause significant changes in the hydrodynamic characteristics of nearby water flow, which will have a significant impact on fish and other habitats. In order to explore the turbulent characteristics of T-shaped spur dike in curved flow field, the three-dimensional flow field was measured in this paper by Vectrino Profiler. In this study, the turbulence characteristics of T-shaped spur dike in bend flow field were studied from the depth-averaged velocity distribution, relative turbulence intensity and Reynolds stress. The results show that a spur dike had a great influence on turbulent intensity distribution and Reynolds shear stress distribution. The turbulent intensity near the wing of spur dike increased significantly, with the maximum vertical turbulent intensity appearing in the middle of flow. The extreme value of Reynolds shear stress near the wing appeared in the middle of the flume, and the Reynolds shear stress values alternate positively and negatively along the vertical line of flow depth. The lateral momentum exchange intensity and the vertical momentum exchange intensity near the spur dike wing were very large. This study lays a foundation for further understanding the impact of flow field disturbances in spur dikes on habitats such as fish.


Year: 2022

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