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Citizen science to support decision-making on water resources

Author(s): Wouter Buytaert

Linked Author(s): w buytaert

Keywords: IAHR; Hydrolink; Citizen Science; Wouter Buytaert; water resources; Catchment Based Approach

Abstract: Citizen science is becoming increasingly common in many environmental disciplines, including hydrology and other water sciences [1], [9]. Many citizen science projects have as their main purpose the generation of new scientific knowledge. In such projects, the participation of citizens is mostly driven by the desire to learn something new, and to be part of a collective scientific endeavour. However, a growing number of citizen science projects has an applied dimension and aim to generate scientific knowledge that can be applied to address specific societal challenges or problems. This type of citizen science is particularly common in environmental contexts, because of the growing pressure of global environmental problems such as water contamination or climate change, but also because of an increasing awareness that classic scientific approaches are unable to produce the scientific evidence base to support decision-making and action. 


Year: 2022

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