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A New Water Resources Management System Oriented to the 21st Century Proposed for Changjiang River Basin Management

Author(s): Xu Yuanming; Liu Zhensheng

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Keywords: Establishment; River basin management; System; Changjiang river

Abstract: Execution of river basin management in a modern concept in Changjiang River valley started in the 1920s. By 70 years' efforts, especially through vigorous development in the 50 years since 1949, great achievements have been accomplished in every undertaking in the valley. However, with social and economic development, new conditions have emerged, which has made the current river basin management system insufficiently fit for fresh requirements. It is imperative to establish a new management system oriented to the 21st century for Changjiang valley on the basis of recalling the past and having considerations for the future. This new system shall be the guarantee for preventing flood and drought disasters in an efficient manner and promoting integrated development and sustainable use of water resources in the valley. In this paper the authors have probed into the establishment of such a system in Changjiang valley.


Year: 2001

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