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A Profile of Multiplication Frequency Curve Type Ⅲ (X-Ⅲ)

Author(s): Yang Lixing; Zheng Zuguo; Li Xiangyun

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Keywords: Flood frequency analysis; Multiplication frequency curve type III; Median; Resistance; Robustness

Abstract: Based on the multiplication theorem of probability and the attribute of median, this paper summarizes the theory, characteristics, method and example concerned the multiplication frequency curve type III (X-III, for short). The P (K≥k) =1-0.5^D, D= (a-1) / (a^ (k^c) -1), 0.5 is frequency of median. Its inverse of probability distribution function is a algebraic expression. The method of fitting curve by density parameters a and c is very simple and easy. This frequency curve advantage is resistance and robustness.


Year: 2001

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