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Countermeasures Accounting for Agricultural Water Shortage

Author(s): Yu Fuliang; Luo Lin

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Keywords: Water crisis; Agricultural water resources; High efficient water use; Countermeasures

Abstract: China's agriculture relies far more heavily on irrigation than other countries because of its special natural condition. With rapid increase in population, the raising of people's living standards, continual decrease in cultivated land, higher and higher water demand will be resulted from the agriculture and rural economy development. Based on the analysis of water crisis facing by the agriculture sustainable development, social practice, as well as scientific and technologic improvement, it can be concluded that the ultimate countermeasures accounting for water crisis facing by the sustainable development of China's agriculture is the implementation of high efficient use of agricultural water use. The raise of water use efficiency and water production efficiency is the key strategy related to the subsistence and development of 1.6 billion Chinese in the 21st century.


Year: 2001

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