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Facing Future Freshwater Demands

Author(s): Torkild Carstens

Linked Author(s): Torkild Carstens

Keywords: Freshwater shortage; Decision process; Water use; Water market; Water transport

Abstract: The decision process leading from awareness to action is discussed and used as a backdrop for the special problem of managing water resources without waiting for the demand to increase the supply and thus have a crisis-driven management. Today even this sensible goal requires much more media attention than before to get on the agenda. The problem will be considerably reduced if water could be seen as other commodities and traded in water markets. Trading and transfer modes are summarily described, and in the context of securing water supply the concept of virtual water is briefly reviewed. The main problem is under all circumstances the hydropolitical one of obtaining approval for projects that become more and more complex. The solution is to establish broad and well-informed support teams for the decision-makers. These teams must be able to identify and communicate with all stakeholders, and the author shares the view that their contribution to society is maximised if they pay close attention to undesired consequences. To this end hydroinformatics is our most powerful tool.


Year: 2001

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