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Mathematical Modeling of Coupled Dnapl, Heat and Mass Transport in Unsaturated Porous Medium

Author(s): Yasuhide Takano; Kuniaki Sato; Kiyoshige Nishibayashi; Hiroshi Kubo; Teruyuki Fukuhara

Linked Author(s): Yasuhide Takano, Kuniaki Sato

Keywords: Dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL); Heat and moisture transfer; Coupled numerical computation

Abstract: A mathematical model is developed to analyze heat, moisture and dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) transport with water evaporation and DNAPL volatilization in unsaturated porous medium. The model consists of equations of mass and heat conservation in the following five components: liquid water, water vapor, DNAPL dissolved in water, DNAPL gas, and heat energy. Those coupled equations are solved numerically to simulate the time change in volumetric water content, vapor pressure, DNAPL concentration in liquid and gas phases, and temperature under given conditions. The knowledge of calculated results in this study gives evidence according to experiments as well as field experiments. Thus, it is concluded that the developed model is available for analyzing the coupled heat, moisture and DNAPL transport in unsaturated porous medium.


Year: 2001

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