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Simulation of Seepage Flow in Complex Aquifers with Free Surface and Singularities

Author(s): Karol Kosorin

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Keywords: Free boundary and model largeness problem; Hydrodynamics theory of boundaries; Velocity jump relations; Surface water andgroundwater interaction; 3-D modelling of free surface flow; Flowpatern in surroundings of singularities

Abstract: The free boundary and the model largeness and complexity problems create frequently serious limitations in computer simulations of groundwater dynamics in real conditions. The paper presents some basic information on an effective computational method built upon correct solution of these problems. The solution arises from methodological possibilities of the hydrodynamic theory of boundaries [2] and directly relates to solution of the problem of unknown moving boundary of flow, see[2], [3] and [4]. Resulted model system INKANS + SKOKY accepting correct interaction with surface waters and underground structures is suitable for computer simulation of groundwater dynamics in large and complex aquifers with free surface simultaneously in regional and local scale. Both models have been successfuly applied to various simulation tasks, e.g. INKANS to the 3-D groundwater dynamics in large aquifer with complex interaction with channel and river system. 3-D pressure and velocity fields in domains with flow singularities were simulated by SKOKY. Several application samples are presented in grafical form.


Year: 2001

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