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Solution to Water Resources in Base-Rock Erosion Area on Loess Plateau

Author(s): Bi Cifen Wang Fugui; Qiao Wanglin

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Keywords: Loess plateau; Base-rock erosion area; Water resources; Sediment retention; Land-use; Flood control

Abstract: On the basis of study on the small watershed gully treatment model in the third sub-tributary in base-rock erosion area on loess plateau, and in order to solve the problem of shortage of water resources, the paper has advanced that the engineering works construction of flood control and disaster prevention in Yellow River basin should be aimed on the core area of coarse sand and flood production in the middle reaches of Yellow River, i.e. base-rock erosion area, in view of the specific conditions of water resources shortage, worse ecological environment and the demand of local economic development in the area as well as flood control and disaster prevention in lower reaches of Yellow River. The concrete procedure is to separate coarse sand from fine sand in the third, fourth and fifth branch gullies and by taking sediment retention as the main firstly. Then to build small-scaled, middle-scaled and large-scaled hydraulic system in second and first tributaries so as to develop and use land resources in gullies as the main, also this can increase the regulating capacity for flood in lower reaches of Yellow River, meanwhile to reduce water resources for sediment-scouring in lower reaches.


Year: 2001

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