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Spectral Analysis of Flow in a Heterogeneous Unconfined Aquifer

Author(s): Gwo-Fong Lin; Chi-Ming Chen

Linked Author(s): Gwo-Fong Lin

Keywords: Spatial variability; Spectrum analysis; Groundwater flow

Abstract: In this paper, spatial variability in steady one-dimensional unconfined groundwater flow is investigated. The nonlinear governing equation describing the one-dimensional unconfined groundwater flow in heterogeneous formations is decomposed into two linear partial differential equations using the perturbation method. The linear frequency response function is obtained from the first-order perturbation equation using the spectral method. Furthermore, under the assumption of two different ln K covariance functions, namely exponential and hole type, the corresponding variances of hydraulic head are derived. The results show that the variance derived herein is less than that of Gelhar (1976). The reason is that Gelhar linearized the log transmissivity.


Year: 2001

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