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Study on the Pattern of Water Resources Utilization and Environmental Conservation of Yanqi Basin of Xinjiang

Author(s): Dong Xinguang; Jiang Tao; Jiang Huifang

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Keywords: Water resources utilization; Ecological environment; Bosten lake; Yanqi basin

Abstract: Yanqi Basin is the largest mountain inland one in Xinjiang with all features of typical perfect inland water circulation system. The exploitation of water and land resources in 50's strongly has changed the water resources distribution of the Basin, as a result the existing water and environmental problems are excessive farmland drawn water, rise of underground water table in the inside of oases, severity of soil salinization, increment of mineralization degree of Boston lake; decrement of biological diversity on the lake banks and the lake, depravation of ecological environment. All of the problems as above are important ones faced by the sustainable exploitation and development of water resources and environmental conservation and harness in Xinjiang. By means of systematical analysis method this paper studies on the main water and environmental problems, as well as the harness and conservation patterns.


Year: 2001

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