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Synthetic Design Hydrographs for River Flood Management

Author(s): U. Maione; P. Mignosa; M. Tomirotti

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Keywords: Synthetic design hydrographs; Flow duration frequency reduction curves; Flood control reservoirs; Flood plain management; Flood frequencies

Abstract: A procedure for the estimation of synthetic design hydrographs for flood management is proposed. The method is based on the construction of the flow duration reduction curve, obtained from the statistical analysis of mean flood discharges of given duration and on the determination of the temporal location of peak values in each duration. The procedure was applied to the Secchia river in Italy. Routing in a flood control reservoir and in a significantly long river reach with storage pockets and added flooded areas are considered. The validation is performed comparing the frequency distribution of peak outflow discharges deduced from historical flood waves with peak values obtained from synthetic hydrographs for given values of return period. The results obtained in both cases suggest that the procedure is valid and the return period of the synthetic floods has statistical meaning.


Year: 2001

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