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The Groundwater Monitoring Network System Well Water Level Fluctuations During the Chi-Chi Earthquake

Author(s): Yih-Chi Tan; Yun-Bin Lin; Chu-Hui Chen

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Keywords: Groundwater monitoring network system; Earthquake; Well water level fluctuations

Abstract: Earthquakes generate high pore pressures, which is the main reason for liquefaction, the changes of pore pressure caused by soil matrix deformation of the aquifer can be easily observed by the Groundwater Monitoring Network System (GMNS) (Hsu, 1998). The distribution of well water level fluctuations induced by the earthquake may provide significant information concerning hydrogeology properties. Comparing the Choushui River's alluvial fan hydrogeology profiles established with the distribution of pore pressure changes observed by GMNS wells after the Chi-Chi earthquake occurred, the highest pore pressure changes were always located at the gravel and sand mixture boundary, this phenomenon is related to transmissivity.


Year: 2001

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