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Water Environmental Information System Based on GIS

Author(s): Yu Xuezhong; Li Jinxiu; Liao Wengen; Gu Xin

Linked Author(s): Xuezhong Yu

Keywords: Water environmental management; Managing information system; Gis; Brower/server; Network; Database

Abstract: The programs being used in most environment management agencies in China are running on separate computers that are not in an integrated system. But current tendency of Management Information System (MIS) is more users can have access to same information source by the system and the purpose of the system is no longer limited to data statistics and calculation. The function of the system analysis and decision support is built up because data analysis tools are adopted. The construction of Water Environmental Management Information System (WEMIS) under the support of GIS and computer network can greatly upgrade the efficiency of environment management. The system covering more water environment technology and consisting of more analytical measures can provide the decision-makers with more valuable help. This paper analyzes the structure of one system is aimed at serving the management of water environment in the water quality evaluation, statistics, inquiry and prediction. With the support of GIS, the system can manage spatial data more efficiently. In order to enhance the analytical capability of the system, GIS and water environmental models used in the system should be integrated in perfect way. By comparing several methods of integrating GIS with water environmental models, an ideal one is introduced in this paper. For the convenience of the user, web technology should be adopted in the system. With the support of Browser/Server structure and WebGIS, the environmental information can be open to the public instead of technical stuffs only.


Year: 2001

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