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Applying ADV to a Round Jet Flow

Author(s): Hua Ming; Tang Hongwu; Wang Huimin

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Keywords: DV; Velocity fields; Mean and turbulent characteristics of velocity

Abstract: The preliminary results of an experimental investigation into the behavior of a round jet in stagnant ambient are presented here. Velocity fields are measured using Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter (ADV) system that is described in this paper. It is found that ADV could be used in velocity measurements of buoyant jet in stable surroundings. For verification purpose, the ADV system is used to measure the characteristics of a single jet discharging into stagnant surroundings. The velocity fields in the various cross-sections are measured. The mean and turbulent characteristics of velocity, including the distribution of axial velocity in section, the spreading rate and variations of maximum velocity along the jet axis, the turbulence intensity in cross-section and that along the jet axis, the shear stress in cross-section, and the variations of instantaneous streamwise velocity, are acquired through the special analysis WinADV software. The measurement results, as comparing with the existing data, are well satisfactory. Detailed experimental investigations in the turbulent jet in different ambient are continuing with ADV.


Year: 2001

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