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Comparison of Simulated Salinity from a Three-Dimensional Transport Model with Observations in a Harbour

Author(s): Cheng He; Paul F. Hamblin; Murray N. Charlton

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Abstract: Exchange between harbours and embayments with the open coastal zone of large lakes can be a controlling factor for the water quality of these water bodies. In order to quantify the transport of water quality constituents in a harbour connected to a large lake, two-dimensional hydrodynamic and transport models have been extended to three dimensions and an extensive set of field observations collected. The models' performance is assessed by comparison of output with field observations. Use is made of a naturally occurring gradient in the salinity or total dissolved solids (TDS) distributions for testing the ability of the model to simulate such contaminants as dissolved phosphorus. In particular, we examine in some detail the salinity distribution in an arm of the harbour where its concentration ranges from 0.3 to 0.6 g/kg. It is found that the model replicates the distribution along the arm and also in the channel connecting the harbour to the lake, supporting its application to water quality problems.


Year: 2001

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