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Deposition of the Sediment Mixture in a Steep Channel Reservoir with the Hydraulic Jump

Author(s): Koichi Suzuki; Bal B. Parajuli; Akihiro Kadota; Masahiro Sakanashi

Linked Author(s): Koichi Suzuki, Akihiro Kadota

Keywords: Reservoir sedimentation; Hydraulic jump; Bed profile; Delta; Composition; Sediment mixture

Abstract: The deposition process of sediment mixture in a steep slope reservoir has been studied in a laboratory flume for the mixture of fine and coarse sediment. The sediment deposition occurs at the downstream side of the hydraulic jump, where the flow velocity largely decreases and progresses towards the dam, and the hydraulic jump shifts upwards from its previous position. Two deposition layers were observed during the experiments: (a) the layer of finer particles on the initial bed, which is three-dimensional bed profile and (b) the layer of mixed-layer of fine and coarse sediment, which is two-dimensional bed profile. In the deposition layer of mixed particles, the percentage of fine particle was found increased towards the dam, whereas the increasing percentage of the coarse particle was found to the upstream side.


Year: 2001

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