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Dimensionless Steady-State Nsod Model

Author(s): Carlo Gualtieri

Linked Author(s): Carlo Gualtieri

Keywords: Environmental hydraulics; Mass-transfer at water-sediment interface; Diffusion; Sediment oxygen demand; Dimensionless model

Abstract: Oxygen demand exerted by bed sediments of rivers, lakes and estuaries (SOD), which is due to the oxidation of settled organic matter, could often greatly affects their water quality. Thus, a proper estimation of SOD amount is a relevant goal in dissolved oxygen balance modeling. However, SOD available modeling frameworks remain far from a complete understanding of complex phenomena involved. The paper proposes a dimensionless steady-state model of nitrogenous sediment oxygen demand (NSOD), where the solutions of mass balance equations for organic carbon and ammonium provide an useful estimation of system response. Moreover, a careful model parameterization allows to introduce some simplifications in the solution obtained.


Year: 2001

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