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Ecological Project of Fu-Nan River Conservancy-Residence, Environment and Sustained Development of City

Author(s): Xia Chun; Liu Haowu

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Keywords: City pollution; Fu-nan river; Ecological project; Inhabitation environment

Abstract: After stepping into twenty-first century, human being witnesses that, while modern economy is developing rapidly, natural environment is getting worse. Is human being really unable to change this situation? The earth is our shared home, so it is a collective goal to protect the earth and to create a better environment for our living and development. For years, we are obsessed with such problems as how to handle the relation between economical development and environmental protection, and the relation between improvement of inhabitation and urban continuous development. The Project of Fu-Nan River Conservancy is just an outcome of such a situation. Under the precondition of the fast development of economy, this project has succeeded in both of surrounding improvement of inhabitation and urban continuous development. Because of its great success and consequent economic, environmental and social benefits, this project has aroused global attentions and won the reputation of “Model Project of Fu-Nan River”. Since 1997, the Ecological Project of Fu-Nan River Conservancy has won three prizes granted by the UN, “Prize of Inhabitation”, “International Prize for the Best Model of Surrounding Improvement of Inhabitation” and “Local Project of Originality”, and two prizes granted by concerning international organizations, “Prize of Regional Plan” and “Dubai Prize of International Best Model”.


Year: 2001

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