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Lateral Growth of 3-D Density Currents

Author(s): George C. Christodoulou

Linked Author(s): George Christodoulou

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Abstract: The rate of lateral growth of 3-D bottom-attached density currents is examined. After a brief review of previous relevant work, the results of an extensive experimental study are presented. Non-dimensional plots of the current width b vs distance x from the source are given for five different slopes (2° to 15°), normalized with respect to the buoyancy length scale l = (Q`3/B) `1/5. It is found that the rate of growth is different for x/l>10and for x/l 10, the width grows approximately as b ~ x`1/3, with no apparent dependence on slope. For x/l < 10 the rate of growth is faster, and there is an influence of the bottom slope.


Year: 2001

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