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Modelling of Pollutant Dispersion in Mexican Coastal Lagoons

Author(s): Rudi Rajar; Matja Etina; Fernando Gonzales–Farias; Marina Pintar

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Keywords: Hydrodynamic modelling; 2-dimensional modelling; Pollutant transport modelling; Agricultural pollution; Coastal lagoons; GLEAMS

Abstract: Many coastal lagoons in Mexico are used for marikulture (fish, shrimps, oysters). Regions near lagoons are usually exploited by agriculture. Drain water from the agriculture area often brings nutrients and pesticides into the lagoons, contaminating products of marikulture. For a system of three coastal lagoons adjacent to the Carizo Valley (NW Mexico) a joint research project was initiated, with the main goal to propose measures to diminish contamination of the lagoons. First, several possible scenarios of improved agricultural management will be studied (different combination of type and amount of fertilizers and pesticides, timing of their application, method of application etc). For each scenario numerical simulations will be carried out by two models. Simulations by the GLEAMS model (Groundwater Loading Effects of Agricultural Management Systems) will give information on the inflow of contaminant in the drain water from the fields. Further on, simulations by two-dimensional hydrodynamic and pollutant transport model PCFLOW2D will show the transport and distribution of contaminant concentration in the lagoons. By the means of both models and some measurements, used for the model calibration, an optimum scenario of agricultural management will be proposed. This should propose a solution, where the contaminant concentrations in the lagoons will be below a permissible level, so that the products of marikulture will be safe for consumption. The final scenario should be also be economically acceptable.


Year: 2001

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