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Numerical Prediction on Characteristics for Vertical Plane Negatively Buoyant Jets

Author(s): Wenxin Huai; Wei Li; Zhonghua Yang

Linked Author(s): Zhonghua Yang, Wenxin Huai

Keywords: Buoyant jets; Buoyancy effects; Plane Jets; Numerical simulation

Abstract: The k-ε turbulent model is used to obtain a mathematical model of a vertical plane negatively jet in a static homogeneous ambient. The hybrid finite analytic method, with a non-uniform staggered grid, is used to calculate the whole field of this flow pattern. The variation of centerline velocity and density along the axial line for a given exit densimetric Froude number take a good regularity under the unified scaling law derived by Chen and Rodi. It is found that the flow can be divided into three regions. The profiles of mean velocity and mean density difference is given. The equation of the maximum height of rise for vertical plane negatively buoyant jets is given also. This equation could be used to estimate the region of pollution.


Year: 2001

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