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Nutrient Transport and Water Quality Monitoring in Sabine Lake Bayous

Author(s): Xing Fang; David A. Brock; Mohammed Sharifuzzaman

Linked Author(s): Xing Fang

Keywords: Estuary; Water quality; Nutrient budget; Monitoring

Abstract: Sabine Lake is a relatively shallow, microtidal estuary located in the southeast of Texas, USA, and directly connected to the Gulf of Mexico. This study is to examine interactions between saltwater and freshwater inflows on Sabine Lake system. Salinity, water temperature, water level, and dissolved oxygen measurements were collected continuously every hour in both Johnson and Black Bayous of Sabine Lake. Water samples were collected monthly and analyzed in the laboratory to measure five water quality parameters (Total Kjeldahl nitrogen, nitrite plus nitrate, ammonium nitrogen, total phosphorus, and total organic carbon). The data were analyzed to provide information on movement of saltwater and nutrients moving to and from Sabine Lake and the marsh lands on the lake's east side.


Year: 2001

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