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Ocean Outfall Modeling with the Near and Far Field Hybrid Scheme

Author(s): See Whan Kang; Young Do Kim; Seung Hyup You

Linked Author(s): See-Whan Kang

Keywords: Near-field mixing; Far-field transport; Effluent plumes; Sea outfalls; Masan-Bay

Abstract: A 3-D particle tracking model with normalized characteristic equations has been developed to predict the variation of near-field mixing characteristics and the far-field transport of the effluent plumes discharged from sea outfalls. The model was applied to the case study of Masan sea outfall plumes discharged through a submerged multiport-diffuser. Numerical simulations for the effluent particles transport for 15 days which cover neap and spring tidal cycles in Masan Bay were conducted. The results show that time variations of near-field minimum dilutions with the simulated tidal flow and measured density profile in summer are about 45~49. Most of the heavy particles in the effluent plume were settled and deposited immediately in the outfalls' vicinity, and the finer particles were transported eastwards in 3 km distance from the outfalls for 15 days. The similar depositional trend of contaminated sediment was also found from the recent field survey.


Year: 2001

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