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One-Dimensional Water Quality Modelling of Lake Maracaibo

Author(s): David A. Horn; Peter Yeates; Jorg Imberger; Angelos N. Findikakis

Linked Author(s): Angelos N. Findikakis, Jörg Imberger

Keywords: Lake Maracaibo; DYRESM; Water quality; Computer modelling

Abstract: The one-dimensional water quality model DYRESM-WQ was applied to Lake Maracaibo. The model was calibrated and validated against field data and shown to reproduce the observed salinity stratification and profiles of key water quality parameters. DYRESM-WQ was then used to assess the long-term effects of a number of remediation options. The simulation results confirm that the salinity stratification is a major influence on the oxygen and nutrient dynamics. Primary production in Lake Maracaibo is not limited by the nutrient flux from the bottom sediments, but is completely dominated by the nutrients coming from the rivers.


Year: 2001

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