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Simulation of 2-D Pollutant Transport Phenomena Using Modified Characteristic Method

Author(s): Lee; Jong-Kyu; Kim; Joo-Young; Kim; Hansup

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Keywords: Pollutant transport model; Varying flow field; Advection-diffusion equation; Split-operatormethod; Modified characteristic method; Hydrodynamic model

Abstract: An advection-diffusion equation has both hyperbolic and parabolic type characteristics. A split-operator method which separates advection and diffusion terms and apply the appropriate analysis method to each of them is widely used. To solve the above equation, the typical Holly-Preissmann method is used. In this study, we presents a modified characteristic method to analyze an advection term precisely in a varying flow field. Moreover, in order to verify the accuracy of the proposed model, we compared the numerical results with the exact solutions of a advection-diffusion equation, taking a constant current velocity and diffusion coefficient in the both cases of a instantaneous and continuous releases of pollutants. And then, a pollutant transport model was established, combining the above model with a hydrodynamic model derived from the analysis of the shallow water equation. And we applied the proposed model to understand the behavior of floating suspended matters due to the breakwater construction.


Year: 2001

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