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Dam-Break Flow Analysis by Implicit Eno Scheme

Author(s): Won Kim; Kun-Yeun Han

Linked Author(s): Kun-Yeun Han, Won Kim

Keywords: Transcritical flow; ENO; Implicit; Dam-break flow

Abstract: Open channel flow resulting from Dam-break is transcritical flow. Transcitical flow is a term intended to denote the existence of both supercritical and subcritical flows within a computational domain. The present study proposes a new scheme, the implicit ENO scheme, as a high-resolution scheme for dam-break flow. The implicit ENO scheme is based on the ENO scheme, a new class of uniformly high-order-accurate essentially nonoscillatory schemes, and an implicit scheme, which has the advantage of unconditional stability. The implicit ENO scheme developed in this study can accurately calculate a transcritical flow with no oscillations for both weak and very strong shock waves resulting from dam-break. Throughout all the tests conducted in this study, including idealized and real situations, the implicit ENO scheme demonstrated good accuracy as a high-resolution scheme and stability as an implicit scheme.


Year: 2001

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