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Bed Shear Stress in Open Channel Flow with Bed Suction

Author(s): Yee-Meng Chiew; Xingwei Chen

Linked Author(s): Yee Meng Chiew

Keywords: Shear stress; Open channel; Bed seepage

Abstract: The bed shear stress in open channel flow subjected to bed suction is investigated both theoretically and experimentally. By assuming a boundary condition with a slip velocity, the paper proposes a momentum integral equation that can be used to evaluate bed shear stresses for flows subjected to bed suction. Measurements of the turbulent flow are performed in a laboratory flume using a two-dimensional Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter. Preliminary results show that the slip velocity exists. The measured data also show that the bed shear stress is larger in case of bed suction, which is consistent with the prediction of the theoretical analysis.


Year: 2001

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