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Plane River Resistance

Author(s): Elena Dolgopolova

Linked Author(s): Elena Dolgopolova

Keywords: River; Velocity profile; Hydraulic friction; Darcy-Weisbachcoefficient

Abstract: The study on the hydraulic resistance of open channel with the help of dimensionless Darcy-Weisbach resistance coefficient f is presented in this paper. The structure of Darcy-Weisbach coefficient is thoroughly examined in the case of the square law for resistance of the flow. As a result of the investigation, connection between the friction factor and the cross-sectional shape of the river was found. Introducing the coefficient of the river bed shape as a function of the wetted perimeter and the river width, we take into account the complicated cross-sectional shape of any nature stream. The resistance coefficient f calculated by using the suggested method agrees well with that measured in rivers and flumes.


Year: 2001

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