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Basic Classification of Reservoirs According to Relevant Sedimentation Processes

Author(s): Giampaolo Di Silvio

Linked Author(s): Giampaolo Di Silvio

Keywords: Sediment; Reservoir; Dam; Sorting; Grainsize composition; Transport; Trapping; Flushing; Sluicing

Abstract: Although extremely simplified, a linear one-dimensional model of a prismatic reservoir taking into account the non-uniform composition of sediments, gives a much better description of the sedimentation process than a zero-dimensional (i.e. concentrated volume) reservoir based on the conventional ratios between the storage volume and the volumes of the annual runoff and sediment transport. A detailed classification of a variety of reservoirs, ranging form high dams in steep torrents to low weir in plain rivers and conveying coarse and fine particles in different proportions, can be made on the basis of a small number of simple parameters indicated by the model. These parameters are related to the morphology of the dam, the requirements of the volume regulation and the sorting of sediments. The applicability of "sluicing" can also be assessed with this model.


Year: 2001

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