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Interative Formula for Computing the Water Depth in Trapeziform Open Channels

Author(s): Liu Shanjun; Xu Weilin; Wang Wei

Linked Author(s): Shanjun LIU

Keywords: Iterative Formula; Astringency; Critical Water Depth; Normal WaterDepth; Water Depth at Contractive Cross Section under Sluice Gate; SequentWater Depth of Hydraulic Jump

Abstract: Abstrsct: It is important and frequent for engineers and researchers to compute the critical water depth, the normal water depth, the water depth at contractive cross section under a sluice gate and the sequent depth of hydraulic jump in hydraulic engineering. How to efficiently compute these factors remains a problem for many years. Diagrammatic method and trial method is known well by almost all staffs but the precision of such computation methods is not assurable sufficiently with much miscellaneous work. In this paper, the authors present a set of iterative formula to compute those water depths in trapeziform open channels and the astringency of these formulas is proved out strictly with algebra skill. Now one can compute those water depths easily, especially for program designing.


Year: 2001

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