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The Research on Digital Platform of the Middle Route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project

Author(s): Qi Wang; Wenxue Chen; Xiaochen Guo; Xiangpeng Mu; Wei Cui

Linked Author(s): Wenxue Chen, Wei Cui, Xiangpeng Mu

Keywords: The middle route of South-to-North Water Diversion Project; Digitalplatform; GIS; Mathematical model

Abstract: South-North Water Transfer Project, being under constructed and a complex large-scale inter-basin water diversion project, is the most important water diversion project in China. The project has salient features as long distance, lots of outlets, and many control structures along the main canal. Furthermore, the control and operation of the project is very complex, since the canal is not only operated at the normal conditions, but be operated under the ice conditions as well. Therefore, it is essential to develop a digital platform of controlling and management of the project to guarantee safe, reliable, real-time, and economical water diversion. The development of this digital platform is studied in this paper. The platform is based on the twodimensional ArcGIS. And Oracle system is used for managing all data associated with the project including engineering data, terrain information, weather information, economical and social information of the regions along the canal etc. Several models are integrated in the platform such as hydraulic simulation model, hydraulic control model, ice forecasting model, and control model under the ice conditions. Based on this platform, several problems associated with the project could be solved, e.g. hydraulic characteristic analysis, control optimization, ice prevention measure research, information inquiring, information collection and management.


Year: 2009

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