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Effects of Seepage on the Stability of Capped and Uncapped Cohesive Sediments

Author(s): Pinar Cakir Kavcar; Steven J. Wright

Linked Author(s): Steven Wright, Pinar Cakir

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Abstract: This study considers the influence of pore water flux through cohesive sediment beds on sediment resuspension. Experiments performed on unconsolidated sediments indicated that seepage occurred through preferential channels formed in the sediment. Additional experiments were performed in a re-circulating flume where the sediment bed was subjected to hydrodynamic shear stress. The resuspension rate increases as the square of the bed shear stress level above a threshold to initiate resuspension. The resuspension rate increased with increasing pore water flux. A simple relationship was established between the rate constant and the applied pore water flux. Additional tests were performed with two different cap materials to determine their effectiveness in controlling sediment resuspension. No sediment resuspension was observed with the sand cap. The Aqua Blok®cap experiences a rupture failure when the pressure head differential across the cap exceeded approximately 25 cm.


Year: 2009

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