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A Laboratory Study of Noise in Turbulence Measurements Using Acoustic Doppler Velocimetry

Author(s): Babak Khorsandi; Laurent Mydlarski; Susan Gaskin

Linked Author(s): Susan Gaskin

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Abstract: This study was motivated by an experiment for benchmarking an acoustic Doppler velocimeter (ADV) in an axisymmetric turbulent jet. The RMS velocities measured by the ADV in the jet were overestimated compared to accepted values in the literature. This overestimation could be due to Doppler noise. It has been remarked that Doppler noise could depend on mean velocities (Lemmin and Lhermitte, 1999). In a series of laboratory experiments, we attempted to relate Doppler noise to current velocity, and thus improve the results by subtracting the Doppler noise from our measured RMS velocities in the jet. The results show that subtracting the noise from the RMS velocities measured in the jet did not decrease the RMS significantly. In addition, no clear relationship can be detected between the Doppler noise and the mean flow.


Year: 2009

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