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Moving Distance of Field Gudgeon, Gnathopogon Elongatus Elongatus, in Agricultural Canals in Japanese Yatsu-Paddy Fields

Author(s): Takeshi Takemura; Noriyuki Koizumi; Atsushi Mori; Keiji Watabe

Linked Author(s): Takeshi Takemura

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Abstract: For freshwater fishes to live out their life history, it is necessary that there are suitable habitats within their home range. However, in modern agricultural canals, their home range is divided by obstructions. And the scale of their home range was unknown. We performed a pursuing survey of field gudgeon in an area of Yatsu paddy fields, in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Field gudgeon is a common species inhabiting Japanese paddy fields. Our monitoring was conducted for about one year at a few weekly intervals. There might be sedentary individuals and ambulant individuals such as pointed out in past research for various wildlife. Based on our survey most individuals are expected to be distributed over a space of about a 500 m scale. The space of 500 m may be considered to be one unit for conserving their home range, however, the exact values remain a matter for further research.


Year: 2009

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