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Cities into the Sea: Environmental and Technical Challenges

Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

Linked Author(s): Philippe Gourbesville

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Abstract: During the last years, several gigantic projects of artificial island have emerged in different locations. In some cases, the development of such artificial structures will induce drastic changes in the environment and contribute to lose part of the biodiversity by affecting the current patterns. The current associated to the light conditions determines the water quality and consequently induce changes on the local biodiversity. Trough the experience gained with the development of the project in Monaco based on High Quality Environmental standards, the paper presents an integrated strategy developed during the last 3 years in Monaco, starting from the data collection strategy to the 3D modeling approach based on the residence time and to the definition of the monitoring and management actions for the infrastructure. The results demonstrate that the residence time represents a good indicator of the potential impact of new coastal infrastructures. However the relationship between this indicator and the biodiversity has to be carefully analyzed.


Year: 2009

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