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Field Measurements and Numerical Modeling of a Water Pipeline Filling Event

Author(s): Jose G. Vasconcelos; Jose R. S. Moraes; Diogo V. B. Gebrim

Linked Author(s): Jose Vasconcelos

Keywords: Flow regime transition; Pipeline filling; Numerical Modeling; Field Mea-surements

Abstract: Pipelines are components of water supply systems that undergo eventual maintenance procedures in which the emptying and refilling may be required. Usually, pipeline filling is performed very slowly so to avoid air pocket entrapment, which in turn is linked to problems such as increased energy losses and pressure surges. Numerical studies have been directed to the simulation of the filling process, but data to evaluate such models were mostly obtained on experimental conditions. This article presents the results of pressure and discharge measurements from the filling of an actual pipeline, located in Brasilia, Brazil. These results are compared with predictions from the model by Vasconcelos (2007). The model predictions agreed well with the field measurements, even though there are some discrepancies possibly related to the ventilation hypothesis used. The results are promising as it suggests that such models could be applied in designing and performing pipeline filling procedures with greater confidence.


Year: 2009

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