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Experimental Investigation of Roughened Channels with Cross Beams in Hyghway and Railway Drainage

Author(s): G. S. Castro; R. F. Carvalho; M. L. Lorena

Linked Author(s): Maria Rita L. M. F. Carvalho

Keywords: No Keywords

Abstract: In the design of the longitudinal drainage systems of highway and railway, the hydraulic engineer deal with the problem of the energy dissipation along the steep drainage channels which guides the flow until the ground. The energy dissipation along the drainage channel could be an interesting solution from the engineering and economical point of view. In this work, the hydraulic performance of roughened channels with cross beams is studied by means of a laboratory installation placed in the IMAR flume at the Hydraulic Laboratory of the University of Coimbra. The roughened channel is0.50 m wide and 8.0 m long and allows different arrangements of slopes, cross-beam dimensions (heights and thickness) and spacing. The free surface profile, flow depth and pressure head were measured. The flow regime, the flow profile including the formation of the hydraulic jump over the sills and its location and the energy dissipation has been studied. The experimental data were plotted in order to reach equations which allowed estimate some features of the free surface flow profile.


Year: 2009

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