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Estimation of Muskingum-Cunge Parameters for Natural Streams

Author(s): Jin Soo Kim; Kyung Soo Jun

Linked Author(s): Kyung Soo Jun

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Abstract: Muskingum-Cunge parameters are estimated using cross-sectional and longitudinal channel geometry, and roughness coefficient data. First, for various watersurface levels at a cross section, cross-sectional areas and hydraulic radii are calculated. Corresponding discharges are then calculated using Manning's equation. Channel slope is estimated by a linear regression of thalweg elevation. This procedure is repeated for all cross-sections in the reach. Finally, routing parameters are estimated from the calculated cross-sectional area and discharge value pairs by regression analysis. The procedures for estimating Muskingum-Cunge parameters are applied to the South Han River in South Korea. Flows calculated by Muskingum-Cunge model with estimated parameters showed much better agreement with those by dynamic wave model than those calculated by the HEC-1 model.


Year: 2009

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